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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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this is unacceptable. >> the bay area is dumping on this neighborhood. furniture, two by fours and lots of garbage, all fallout from the foreclosure crisis. people are using the yards of the many vacant and foreclosed homes in the iron triangle as trashcans. as soon as they clean up one mess there is a new one somewhere else. this is a story reported by our partners at the bay area citizen. thomas roman has more. >> horrible. >> this is the horror. this is richmond's eastern triangle. >> people are coming in with trucks. they dumped lumber, couches,
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everything. >> today it is garbage that sits next to her home. food, clothes and other trash that she says is not only ugly, but unhealthy. >> i call all the time to tell them about this. it causes rats and mice. >> she says it is a constant battle to keep the area clean. >> how long have you lived here? >> three years. >> how long has this problem been going on? >> three years. >> today she was able to complain directly to the richmond city councilman. he was showing us spots throughout the area where illegal dumping has become comep place like this alleyway. >> the bank's foreclosed homes and alleys like this. it is just people who are out there doing construction work and don't want to pay the fees to go to the dumps. >> some of the dumping grounds are off alleys like this. the backyards of foreclosed homes that at times become playgrounds for children. this spot has containers of hazardous waste and rotten lumber with rusty nails. neighbors say the crews come in at all times of the day or night to dump their material.
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>> the city of richmond is looking for funding. they will try to get money to put stationary cameras in the areas like this to try and catch those people who dump in the act. >> they will be on the corners where there is consistent dumping and prosecute. >> the city crews tried, but they can barely clean an area before it is filled with more trash. the fine is $1,000. he wants to go even further. >> a lot of people get a slap on the hand. they think they pay a little fine and that's it. i think we need to be aggressive. jail time needs to happen. >> thomas roman, abc7 news. >> you will find a link to the bay citizen's original report on this issue at just look under see it on tv. demonstrators are calling for a statewide moratorium on foreclosures protested outside the alameda courthouse.
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the protesters were trying to drowned out the auctioneer selling some 100 foreclosed homes. they want feciales to do something to help the people who lost those homes such as mandating the loan modifications or prosecuting banks that made questionable loans. 2400 alameda homes will be auctioned this month alone. a lot of people are in the dark because of one driver. the chp says the driver was distracked it by his cell phone and crashed into a power pole. the pole broke and about 600 homes lost power. pg&e has since restored service to most of the customers, but 150 homes won't get power until tomorrow morning because the entire pole has to be replaced. the driver was not hurt. richmond police are investigating the shooting death this afternoon of a man sitting in his car. it happened at 3:30 behind kennedy high school at south 45th street. school had not yet let out. no students were injured, but some may have seen what happened. the 26-year-old victim died
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when someone walked up and fired several rounds into his cadillac. police believe he may have been targeted. a man who escaped from the santa resaw jail in dublin has been caught. police arrested ishmael at an apartment in fremont. they were looking for him since tuesday after he walked into jail following a court appearance. he was being held on a possible immigration violation. >> a plain clothed police unit is off the streets of san francisco. the interim police chief suspended all six plain clothed officers. they are accused of illegally conducting the drug raids. the security video coming up here shows the officers during the drug busts at a south of market hotel. the investigators say the officers failed to identify themselves properly and searched the rooms without a warrant. >> i'm going to look at supervision and i'm going to look at the plain clothed operations and training and everything. we are going to audit the entire plain clothed operation
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of this department in reference to everything involving a plain clothed operation. >> three cases have already been dismissed and more are under scrutiny. the fbi along with the district attorney are conducting separate investigations into the drug raids. hundreds of east bay high school students rallied outside oakland city hall to protest the gang injunction in the fruit veil district. a judge is set to decide next wednesday whether to issue a preliminary version of the injunction. if it passes, about 40 suspected it gang members will have restrictions placed on their movements in the fruit veil area. it unfairly targets the latino youth as overly broad and wastes taxpayer dollars. a parent's eighth grader called 9-1-1 saying she is afraid of her teacher. and now that teacher is on paid leave and an investigation is underway. other students in the class are coming to the teacher's defense.
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lisa amin gulezian reports from atherton. >> i'm scared. >> i know you're scared. think happy thoughts. >> we now know what lead up to the police department's emergency response on tuesday. this 9-1-1 call came at 2:24 p.m. >> the teacher is going crazy? >> the student is talking about john hanes, an eighth grade math teacher. >> started calling us names and throwing things. he shouldn't be doing that. >> that's when the 13-year-old left room 505 to go to the girl's bathroom. on her way out she borrowed her friend's cell phone. when police arrived they found a calm classroom and teacher. while no criminal charges have been filed, the district is investigating and hanes is on paid administrative leave.
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the redwood city school district released they had statement saying, quote, we officially support the right of teachers to be treated fairly. we also take the responsibility to protect students extremely seriously. edgar martinez was in the math class that day. >> he got a little mad, upset. he picked up the desk and just picked it up. >> students and parents are supporting hanes who has been a teacher here for 11 years. >> he should come back. every student likes him. >> do you trust your kids with him? >> yeah, absolutely. absolutely. i'm hoping he is going to come back and my son will have his class. >> they will complete the investigation next week. >> in atherton, abc7 news. a brave 84-year-old woman took matters into her own hands after an intruder broke into her richmond home. >> 9-1-1, what is your emergency?
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>> she awoke to someone breaking down her front door and then saw a man coming toward the bedroom. that's when she grabbed the revolver off the nightstand and fired a shot. she missed and hit the wall, but it was enough to scare off the man. she called police and they say she will not face charges for firing the weapon. >> as a homeowner you can fire off the weapon and you can defend yourself and your property. these are all things she was within her right to do. >> harvey said she never shot the gun until the break in. the fbi is asking for your help finding a man impersonating bank customers and emptying their accounts. look at these photos. the man is in his 50s or 60s about 5 foot 9, 140 to 160 pounds. he is balding with brown hair and green eyes. he is wanted in a string of incidents dating back almost two years. officials have not released details of how he is able to steel people's identities. the california unemployment rate dropped slightly in january.
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that's the good news. the bad news is unemployment went up in the bay area. marin, san francisco and san mateo county lost 23,000 jobs and the east bay lost 17,000 and the south bay lost almost 12,000. but statewide the jobless rate stands at 12.4%, down a 10th of a point. it is the 17th consecutive month at 12% or higher. at the state education development department, analysts are encouraged, but not pre prepared to say california is out of the woods yet. > we had four months of job gains. that's important. now we need that to solidify and grow stronger in the months ahead. >> at least 135 people have new jobs on the peninsula at this just opened j.c. penney. there was a ribbon cutting ceremony at the store in daily city. at least 95% of the new employ ease live in daly city. if you are looking for a job, the next abc7 job journal hiring event takes place march 8th at the hotel whit come
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in san francisco. up next, how house speaker john boehner is reacting to the obama reaction to same-sex marriage. and then later, hanging out of a new york highrise. and then on "nightline,." >> i'm bill wier. a family torn apart by the mob. the son of a notorious chicago hitman marries a woman from the outside and then in an attempt to break free risks everything to put his own
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to in libya, moammar qaddafi's regime struck back at opponents today. there are reports of dozens dead west of the capital. government forces opened fire on the protesters there. just east of tripolli a small
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group fought back with rocks when they were sprayed with teargas and rubber bullets. tripolli remains under tight control with tanks on every corner. the international community is focusing efforts on humanitarian relief. two cargo planes delivered supplies to tunisia where the foreign workers fled from the fighting in libya. house speaker john boehner launched a legal effort for the federal ban on recognizing same-sex marriages. it is being challenged as unconstitutional in federal courts in connecticut and new york. last month the obama administration announced it would no longer defend it. today speaker boehner pledged the house would step up to defend the law in court. minority leader nancy pelosi is criticizing the move calling it costly and a burden on house staff. a fight is underway between democrats and republicans on capitol hill. this time the battleground is the cafeteria. jonathon carl reports. >> when nancy pelosi became speaker, this was her pet project. she replaced the greasy french
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fries, or freedom fries as the republicans called them, bringing in locally grown organic food and lots of recycling. >> she made everything environmentally friendly. everything is recyclable and compostable. these forks and knives are made out of a corn-based material. the problem is they sometimes don't work as well. the spoons tend to melt after awhile when they have been in your soup. >> now republicans say enough is enough. they have had it with the flimsy utensils and the array of recycling bins and the 475,000 dollars a year it costs to struck it out to a composting facility in virginia. >> it didn't work. let's not perpetuate this. it costs more money and what is worse is the forks dissolve when you are using them. >> he rides to the capitol on his bicycle and he is fighting back. >> upset to see this go. >> we will not go quietly into the night.
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this is what america will do. this is what progressive employers are doing. if congress wants to set an example by taking a step backward, so be it. >> it is not just the cafeteria. pelosi set out to make the capital a beacon of environmentalism installing energy efficient lights and making plans to install solar panels. republicans are cutting all of it. abc news, washington. we are looking forward to a mostly dry saturday with rain expected on sunday. let's get all of the details from sandhya patel. >> i know the little league games tomorrow will be just fine. and then we will have to worry about the rain at least getting into the north bay by the evening. and then heading into sunday, the highs for today are quite mildment -- mild. got up to 70 degrees in santa cruz. really spring-like around here. 68 in morgan hill and mid60s around the inland east bay and also in the north bay valleys. half moon bay where it was 59 degrees was one of our coolest spots for the day.
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as you look at this view, a lovely afternoon and a lovely evening, but the sun was a little on the hazy side. it is because of the high clouds that went through, and we are continuing to see those clouds moving in. but they are not going to produce any rain just yet. we have to wait for that. the temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. clouds thicken and the rain arrives in the evening. look for scatter ited showers on sunday. most of the rain is going to fall while many of you are asleep. so just to keep that in mind. higher pressure here is weakening. you can see all of the clouds spilling overhead. look for the increasing clouds. by sunday we will certainly be right in the thick of the rain. saturday evening, the system here along with the tail end of the system moves in toward the bay area. so here is our computer animation. you will see when the rain arrives. clouds overnight and clouds tomorrow morning. and then by 7:00 on saturday night, right around dinner time, the north bay begins to
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get wet. the rain continues to push to the south and east by 11:00 p.m. it is out toward san francisco and the oakland area. and then in the wee hours of sun i sunday morning most hours get wet. turns to scattered showers and it is winding down by the evening hours on sunday. through sunday night we are expecting the rainfall totals of half an inch to an inch. a quarter to three quarters in the santa cruz mountains. and you look at most low elevation sites and they are not expecting a lot. the south bay anywhere from .001 to .01. this weekend will not be a washout by any stretch of the imagine -- imagination. if you are headed to the sierra nevada a few inches expected there. low 40s to the low 50s. clouds keeping us insulated a bit. and tomorrow afternoon, still mild in the south bay. 67 in los gatos and 66 for you in san jose and cupertino. you will continue to enjoy the
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mild weather. temperatures where you should be, mid60s for palo alto and lossal toes. upper 50s near the beaches. downtown san francisco and south san francisco in the low 60s. and look for the clouds to thicken up first in the north bay where you will see the rain first by evening. 65 in santa rosa. low to mid60s. head inland and the temperatures will be in the 60s as well from concord to livermore and around the monterey bay. it is still mild, 68 degrees in santa cruz. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. rain arrives on saturday night. wet weather continues on sunday. a few showers may linger into early monday. the next possibility of any rain does not arrive until thursday. a little cooler with the rain coming in. still to come, nasa's million-dollar blunder. [ asst mgr ] what are you doing?
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multimillion-dollar debacle in space. the agency launched this satellite this morning from the vandenberg air force base. but a protective covering failed to open and it was unable to reach orbit. instead it plunged into the pacific ocean. the $424 million satellite was supposed to spend three years analyzing climate change. two painters in yonkers, new york were forced to hang on. they were hanging on to a sky rides when it happened. they were 12 stories up. a firefighter repelled down 26 stories from the roof. he secured the worker to a line and went down with them to the ground one by one. what an experience. colin rush is in for larry beil. >> it is like a husband and wife. you have to compromise to make it work. that's what we hope the union
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conclusion. >> i think we probably will get something done early april. i think they will have another extension and get something done. i think they are finally realizing this is bigger than us and we need to get something done. here is all these millionaires and billionaires. this is a recession. y'all are fighting over this. we are finding out how to pay our rent and pay our mortgage and pay our child's healthcare and you all are fighting over an extra billion. you definitely don't want to turn the fans off. both sides are realize realizing that. >> great perspective from lorenzo. in the course of 10 days, troy murphy went from the downtrodden nets to the respectable warriors to the title contending boston celtics. he spent five years in oakland. david leigh, right handed jump hook,14 first quarter points and finish with 26. he had 12 rebounds. monty el lites, i made the same shot last weekend.
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maybe that was a dream of mind. by gones and let's move on. wild sequence in the second quarter. the basketball is like a hot potato. he hits paul pierce to ray allen. everybody touches it. alan hit his first six shots. four were from deep. boston lead by as much as 18. the warriors would rally in the fourth. he rips rondo. that's not easy to do. later in the fourth and hustle play from david leigh and he keeps it alive. the three and got it. ellis had 41 and warriors get as close as one. but they couldn't get over the hump. the celtics hold on 107-103. cactus league baseball and giants hosting the bruins. with his name, it is a name meant to play baseball. he belts a two-run homer in the first and is now hitting 375 and 5-0 giants after one. in the 6th and sanchez and shoulder looks fine.
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single play to rowan. giants beat milwaukee 7-2. split squad duty for the giants. they downed the dodgers. barry zito worked three innings and the a's fall 6-3. kouzmanoff with a three-run homer for oakland. these trains have the balance of my 15-month-old son. not very good at this point. but he will get better. second round and honda classic. skip, skip, bounce, roll and in for the eagle. overton a one over -- he is one over for the tournament. kyle stanley, and maybe we will hear more from this guy because he is getting a good run. 66 today and he has a one-stroke lead heading into tomorrow's third round. >> very nice. thank you, colin. "nightline" is up next. thanks for joining us, everyone. our next newscast begins tomorrow morning at 5:00. have a good night, everyone. [ bob ] i'd love to build bird houses for the rest of my life.
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